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Already have a website and want us to tell you constructively what works and what doesn’t? We’ll give you 10 minutes of opinion over the phone! Free.

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On-Line Store or Standalone Website

Designer Working with Client

If you are a designer using square space, wix, weebly, self hosted wordpress or something else similar…do you and your clients a favor and use us. We get the https set up, we compress the images right, and  we have an easy update system. In addition, for a very nominal fee we can fine tune your StoreGear site to load super fast from a CDN helping improve your client’s page rank.


Business Needing Website

Need somebody to handle your online presence from site design to marketing, or are you technical and want a do-it-yourself? StoreGear is a great for both options. We first help set up some of the stuff you don’t think about but should: dns, https, proper image resizing, and much more. Via a phone call and screen casts, we show you how to use our design tools to make updates. If you don’t want to be the designer and marketing agency we can handles those services as well

Business Owner Needing Website

Designer Working with Clients

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Sign up to use our website builder that has a intuitive visual interface and use some of our pre-made starting points. Get things started, all website packages come with 1 hour of personalized set up and design time at no extra charge.

We do: Business Website Developement as well as Website and Business Coaching. Lets get it done!

Free Website Review

Already have a website and want us to tell you constructively what works and what sucks? We’ll give 10 minutes of solicited opinion over the phone! Free.


We Offer Additional

Digital Creative Services 

Brand Design & Strategy

Our design arm Santa Monica Design can take you through our design process to help re-craft your identity to tell the right story of your brand.

Social Media Management

We give free tips and tricks and can educate you on the process of Social Media Management…but doing it is time consuming and tedius. We can help.

Audience Analytics

Its important to understand who your audience is in order to present the right messaging. We can help analyze and define your market.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the culmination of understanding your audience, and using the right technology, finding the right partners.

Digial Coaching

We can offer a primer on how to digitize your business and give a general overview of terms if you are feeling lost.

Team Training

We can come on site and train your non-technical staff how to use our platform to design and make updates to content.

Website Development

We’re 100% website pro’s (not just using CMS) We code the CMS plugins. We know what needs to be done for to look/perform pro.

Email Marketing

We fully integrate with Mail Chimp, SendGrid and 20 other providerss seemlessly with our websites.


We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Let us show you the process of working with you start to finish. Feel free to browse some of our “Learning the Basics” screen casts to see how easy it is to use StoreGear. If you are a DIY and have started to run into the limitations of Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and want to put your brand on top, you’re at the right spot.

Tested to make sure our sites work right on mobile.

Our builder allows for you, your designer, or us to specify different rules for mobile, tablet and websites so that it looks great and is readible on multiple platforms.

Recent Work

Cholada Thai Cuisine

  • Internet 101 Coaching
  • Website Recovery
  • Website Re-Development
  • Website Deployment

Success Stories

I recently had to re-start my business, and my neighbor said she knew how to make websites so I had her make my website on SquareSpace. My website took forever to load and didn’t show up on search, google maps, yelp….not good. I was referred to StoreGear and hired them to Coach me on what needed to be done, then hired them to re-do the website on the StoreGear platform, customize our yelp and other social business profiles, and was given an SEO strategry to start implementing. They fixed a bunch of technical stuff and redirects behind the scenes. The results really changed everything, we started coming up on google maps, yelp and in normal search. Andrew Smith

Founder Bike Shop Santa Monica, Bike Shop California, Bike Shop California

We had a wordpress site set up by our customer, after 4 months it all of the sudden was placing pop ups on our site and fake ads. Soon our hosting company shut the site down. We found StoreGear, they coached us on what needed to be done and then helped us recover our old website, images and text, then put it into the StoreGear website builder. It looked better than before, loaded faster, and we could easily make changes to the menu. StoreGear walked us through everything to make sure we knew how to make changes to the text and now our site is live. They got us back up in running in a few days. I was impressed. Rick

Restaurant Manager, Cholada Thai Cuisine

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