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Taking control of your business online takes time.

We’re saving you time by putting the platform and the people you need in one place.

A fast website. Search Engine Optimization. Social Media. Online Customer Service. It’s a lot, but we’re your personal team that does it all. So you can focus on what you do best and your business.

Create a fast website, optimize the website/content for search engines (SEO), set up your social media, and then engage with potential customers on all sales and social channels. It can be overwhelming not only to learn, but to do it day to day.  StoreGear digital marketing specialists are available for hire to get you up to speed and help you focus on your business.

Whether you need a Team for your Social Media, Marketing, and Expert Consulting, or maybe you’re a Do-It-Yourself type that just needs a higher performing website than whats possible with square space/wix/shopify: StoreGear is a platform that can do it all and help your business.

Need somebody to handle your online presence from site design to marketing, or are you more technically savy and want a do-it-yourself platform that can deliver higher performance results than square space/wix/shopify? StoreGear is great for both options. We first help set up some of the stuff you don’t think about but should: DNS, https, proper image resizing, and much more. Via a phone call and screen casts, we show you how to use our design tools to make updates. If you don’t want to be the designer and marketing agency we can handle those services as well.

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Choose Your Path
Need help deciding?

Deciding to go DIY or hiring us to be your agency is not as critical of a step as you might think, but here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. What is your experience launching a site?
  2. What is your technical experience and background?
  3. Are you an experienced designer and business owner or is this your first time?

We Do It For You

All hands on deck, our whole team working together to save you time and make it easier for you.

  • 10+ hrs total of Professional Consult/Design Refinement
  • Digital Training
  • Landing Page Build
  • Checklist & Speed Review of Socials
  • Set up of Yelp, Google Business, Facebook page, Instagram, Mail Chimp Connected
  • Social Media Stategy Coaching
  • Marketing Coaching
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fast Website
  • E-Commerce*

Do It Yourself(Ish)

You do it yourself, with a a quilkty and service like an agency has got your back (and we do).

  • 3 hrs total of Professional Consult/Design Refinement
  • Simple, intuitive Visual Builder
  • Easy Website Updates
  • E-Commerce Capable
  • Fast Website
  • Step-By-Step guide
  • DNS setup with https
  • PRO+ Visual Builder
  • 100+ Starting Points
  • One-on-ONe 1 hour long consult*
  • E-Commerce Capable

Loaded with stunning starting points

Your website will load fast and be responsive.

Golf Course


Day Spa

Brand Design & Strategy

Our design partner, Santa Monica.Design can take you through the design process to help re-craft your identity and tell the right story of your brand.

Social Media Management

We can train you with tips and tricks to educate you on the process of Social Media Management as well as be hired to do it for you.

Audience Analytics

Its important to understand who your audience is in order to present the right messaging. We can help analyze and define your market.

Website Development

We’re 100% website professionals (Not just using CMS). We code the CMS plugins, we know what need to be done and look and perform professionally.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the culmination of understanding your audience, and using the right technology to find the right partners.

Digital Coaching

We can offer you a primer on how to digitize your business and give a general overview of terms if you are feeling lost.

Team Training

We can come on site and train your technical and non-technical staff on how to use our platform to design and make updates to content

E-mail Marketing

We full integrate MailChimp, Sendgrid and 20 other providers with our opt-in mail form so people stay on your site

A big business solution on a small business budget.

Powered by leading technology and a team of experts, we get you in front of the people you want walking through your door. All the expertise and the platform of StoreGear designed to power up small businesses.

Online should be easy

Share a few details about your business and we will get started.

Are you a designer or developer?

Become a StoreGear Expert to offer your clients the best websites with an all-in-one platform. Use our simple to use Visual Builder to create optimized and fast websites, design tools, and specific integration to build your next website on StoreGear.

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