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StoreGear was built out of necessity. Previously we built a Content Management System from scratch to dramatically improve the client workflow. Since the inception the goal has been to provide a supior product at an incredible value through efficiency.

Over the years we’ve helped a lot of businesses and made a lot of friends. We love working with other people creating the next big thing because that’s what we strive to do as well.

Web Design

We have been building websites since Netscape 1.0 till now…that’s a long time.  We strive to explore your next big idea and help commicate it with your audience.


UX Research

Trying to decide which color coverts best? Our premium site builder can create split testing to get real stats on what converts for your audience. Don’t trust your gut..be a professional and trust the numbers.


We can make the best website in the world, but if the pictures of your products or location suck…not much we can do. Pictures matter. Get professional pictures with a professional camera edited professionally.

Business Strategy/Coaching

To market a company, you have to understand the company. We have years of experience exploring various business ideas with business owners and can use that experience to help explore your idea.

Store Gear is currently based in Santa Monica and Lafayette areas, and maintains it’s mission to help small business owners promote themselves using the internet.

Store Gear is lead by a real computer scientists(nerd) who grew up with two parents that were college design professors and entreprenuers.

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Ben Miskie

Ben Miskie

Founder / Developer / Designer / Consultant / Tennis Player

Julie Chase

Julie Chase

Support Specialist and professional technology hand holder.

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Store Gear is currently based in Santa Monica and Lafayette areas, and maintains it’s mission to help small business owners promote themselves using the internet.

Store Gear was founded by a group computer scientists(nerds) and small business owners(cool people). With family members involved in the Business and Entrepreneurship, Store Gear has developed a wide range of products focusing on the Business and Entrepreneurship industry.

What do we do?

Under one roof, we vertically integrate the following services:

  1. We are a website building platform.
  2. We are a digital design company.
  3. We are a digital marketing company.
  4. We are a business coaching company.

Being experts in all of the following takes alot of experience. However bringing the areas closer together reduces the latency (time of back and forth communication) which increases speed and provides more inciteful results.

Q: What if I already have another designer, can we still work together?

A: Yes, we love colaboration. We will want the designer to use our builder…because its better. It allows all sorts of designs and customizations, as well abilities for us to do what we do better.


Store Gear was founded in 2006, to offer Web Marketing solutions that meet Business and Entrepreneurship needs for design and efficiency – and also satisfy the requirements of casting directors and producers.

Over the past year of Client-driven growth, Store Gear extended both its service offering and geographic reach.

In mid-2004, the company launched initiatives to:

  • Add management solutions to its range, and offer a multi-Agent service package directly to Agencies
  • Enhance the company’s face to its clients, with a new Corporate Web site – and the Store Gear name
  • Raise again its standards for Client services, with new Client Web page designs and training materials

Store Gear is planning for a future that extends the successes of our past. In the coming months and years, look for sustainable Client-by-Client growth along with both geographic and service expansion – but most of all, expect the Store Gear standard for service to capture the lead in tomorrow’s dynamic Business and Entrepreneurship industry.


Many of todays “web consultants” claim to have experience…but don’t. Simply being able to craft a viewable website on one of the “other” website builders is not enough. A person you entrust to make your site needs to understand the prinicipals of SEO, image optimization, testing, and trouble shooting. A background in computer science and experience doing this for many many years also helps when trying to create separation between your product…and the 1000’s of others that exist on the web.

Experience matters, make sure when building your site you are aligned with a team of that posesses real experience…not just experience using a “non optimized web builder”


Store Gear delivers individualized, professional Web Marketing programs for Business and Entrepreneurship, and Corporations. We focus on services with the highest business value to our Clients, and make our services easy to use, by:

  • Delivering applications as subscription services over the Web (“Applications Service Provider” model)
  • Reducing complexity through professional engineering and design
  • Backing them up with live support, and training

Starting from our base in California, Store Gear will become the leading independent provider of Web services to the business and entrepreneur industry, by:

  • Growing geographically, offering our services across regions where the need is greatest
  • Expanding our service offerings, consistent with high business value and ease of use
  • Working with partners whose products and services extend and complement our own, to add value for our Clients


StoreGear carefully evaluates and works with its partners to assure that all our services deliver real value and work smoothly together.

Choose Store Gear and its partners, and count on powerful Web Marketing that you can really use. If your company’s business product meets Store Gear’s high standards for business value and ease of use, we should talk. Please contact us using our contact form.


Store Gear 2.0 is ready to make your web site a reality. We provide a professional solution that is easier, quicker and more reliable than anything available. If you have additional pre-sales questions simply fill out the form below. A sales representative will respond to your question within 24 hours. If you are already a customer, and have a support related question, please click here.


Are you a designer or a webmaster that specializes in business/store web sites? If so and you have multiple clients you may want to consider using Store Gear 2.0. Using Store Gear 2.0 can dramatically reduce the time you spend developing store/business web sites and allow you to take on more clients. For webmasters or designers that wish to use our service we can offer volume discount pricing. Simply fill out the contact form here and we will contact you shortly.