About Us

We help your business grow

Create a healthy soil, add your seeds, and nurture with water. Its a strategy for growth both in farming, and in building your business. 

At StoreGear we not only opened up our high performance web platform that we allow businesses and designers to use, but we also offer services to help you plant the right seeds of content on the platform and help nurture this platform and content with proper strategy and marketing.

Our Primary Goals & Mission

Helping Small and New Businesses Compete

Today to succeed, a business needs to be found and demonstrate a strong brand. Doing this takes time, experience and strategy. The big brands do this, and we do our best help you do this to compete at the big brand level. To compete, we help in 3 areas: Top Tier Web Platform, Consulting for your brand, and helping people find your brand.

1. Website Platform

If a site loads slow and isn’t built right, it will deliver a slow experience to your potential audience AND lower your how you come up in Google Search and on Google maps. How fast your site loads…is VERY important.

2. Strategy / Content

Simply having a fast website is not enough, you need to create content that matches what your audience needs to know to trust your brand and what you are delivering.

3. Marketing

After you have made a fast site, with great content…your target audience needs to find you. We can help figure out who your audience is, and then figure out the most effective way to market to this audience in the various free and non-free marketing channels.

Roots in coding on the web since 1996 

We didn’t learn to code or design at a bootcamp..we’ve been doing this for a long time. Founder Ben Miskie came from a family of Designers (both parents were college design professors), and he received a degree in computer science in 2000. While in college, Netscape 1.0 was released, and so began his journey into web design.

With a focus on design and UX, he started ActorGear in 2003, possibly one of the first subscription as a service(SAS) online web design platforms from scratch.

The platform was completely redesigned in transformed over the last 4 years into one of the fastest platforms available to small businesses

With StoreGear, we not only deliver a premium website and visual builder, but we also deliver the right marketing and consulting services so you get the most out of your site…hitting that sweet spot of performance and value that every small business needs to succeed.

Happy Customers

Real (non-fake) Customers with Live Sites.

“Quickly they were able to recover our hacked site and rebuild it in the StoreGear Web Platform”

We hired a friend who was a website expert to set up and design a WordPress website. 1 years later our website was hacked, we couldn’t find the person who initially set up the site, our customers were telling us our site was delivering malware, and then google stopped referring people in search. We were referred to StoreGear and quickly they were able to recover our hacked site and rebuild it in the StoreGear Web Platform. StoreGear then fixed our Google results by adjusted our site map that had been hacked, and now we are coming up #1 in google for ‘Malibu Thai Food.’ Thank you!

Services Used:
– Consulting
– Local Search Research and Optimization
– Website Platform

Cholada Thai Cuisine, Delicious Thai Food https://www.choladathaicuisine.com

“When people search ‘Bike Shop Near me’, I usually come up #1.”

“I had recently changed business names and needed a new website. My neighbor said she was tech savvy and set up a Square Space site. After 2 months, nobody could find me online. It was a disaster. I was referred to StoreGear and soon they rebuilt my site, helped launch a mini-Google Adwords campaign, helped me come up on google maps, and refined my yelp page. Now when people search ‘Bike Shop Near me’, I usually come up #1.”

Services Used:
– Consulting
– Local Search Research and Optimization
– Website Platform

Bike Shop Santa Monica, Best Bike Shop and Repair in Los Angeles https://bikeshopsantamonica.com

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