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Understanding how to set up email for a business domain name

Having an email with your own domain name adds a level of professionalism. However, if the emails you send can never reach the intended recipient then its only 50% valuable. To stop the onslaught of spammers, email providers have now required more and more security...

Use Cloudflare DNS for speed, security and privacy

Here is a quick security tip, use Cloudflare DNS service on your router, computer, tablet and phone to perform the DNS "lookups". This small tip immediately increases the speed of your wifi connection, privacy and security. And...its free. Here is a link to...

Top 6 Small Business Takeaways Google IO 2018

[et_social_follow icon_style="flip" icon_shape="rectangle" icons_location="top" col_number="auto" outer_color="dark" network_names="true"] Google IO is "Ground 0" for all the new Google products and big Google announcements. Some very inspiring and cutting edge...

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