6 Tips on Creating an Affordable Security System for Stores and Home

We personally switched and built our security system with Wyze products. And while we can get affiliate revenue by clicking on our links in this article…we would still be telling you to use wyze if we weren’t. When wyze came out with their security cameras it was a game changer, it was considerably cheaper with all the features the more expensive companies were offering. So we bought 2 of the version 2…and they are still running great. They get software updates, they work inside, they are durable and we have even had one sitting outside for months. So using these products, let’s go through how to make a kick ass security system for your small business in the most affordable way.

Buy your Wyze Cameras

Wyze cameras include all the bells and whistles at an affordable price and are set up to work FOR FREE to their 14 day rolling cloud storage via wifi. There is nothing even close to what they are offering. These cameras also have a free app that allows you to record sound, create detection zones for recording, have hd quality…they have alot of features and in our muli-year usage they have proven to be very durable and continually getting software updates.

Buy Micro SD cards for on camera backups

Micro sd cards are cheap and offer a hardwired way to backup the camera if your internet connection goes down.

Set up the cameras both high up and at face level.

Many security systems make the mistake of having the camera to high up so that you cannot detect faces and too far away from faces so that they are not recognizable. Make sure to have multiple cameras for far away shots, but also at face level for exit and entry points. This way even you do record somebody stealing now you have something usable for the police.

Hide your cameras

It’s important to have cameras that visible…and invisible. Be creative, place the camera in a sign, place cameras behind things. Thieves might try to steal the camera and work around the camera and not be detected

Advanced set up with a Battery Backup

If a thief cuts the power, there go your cameras. However, the wyze cameras are powered with usb connections. You can buy a battery bank from amazon, have it plugged in the wall and then the other side plugged into your wyze camera. If power goes out…no problem these power banks depending on the size of them could probably power the camera for days.

Advanced setup with a Data Backup

If your power is cut…your internet might go down as well. One trick is to purchase a cheaper pay as you go cell phone and purchase a data plan for $30 a month. Plug the cell phone in the wall, and then turn on internet sharing for the phone AND connect the phone to your wifi router. The moment the data connection goes down with your hard wired internet, the cellular internet will kick in. You can get a android phone for less than $100 and data plan for 30/mo. Not very expensive and makes your security ready to handle almost anything.

Pay the 1.99/mo no recording time limit service

Wyze changed the game again by offering a 14 day rolling $1.99 no time limit recording service. What this means is that it upgrades the 12 second recording limit to no limits and saves it for 14 days in the cloud. This fee is per camera, so if you have 10 cameras…this fee is 19.99..a heck of deal if compared to anything else out there.

Total cost for a super robust 8 camera system

Let’s break down the total cost for an 8 camera system.
Upfront fee:
$25 for a single camera + $7 for a large memory card + $30 for a power bank = $62

For eight this will cost you $496.
Pay as you go unlocked cell phone: $100

Total upfront fee: $596

Monthly fees:
Cell phone service $30/mo
Upgraded cloud storage from Wyze: $1.99 x 8 = $15.92

Total monthly fee: $45.92

Lets take it even further…light it up!

So as we explore the Wyze eco system, its expanded much further than just cameras. They now have lights, so you could set up a motion detection area, and if somebody crosses that area at night the light could pop on just to let people who shouldn’t be there know they are being watched. Additionally you don’t have to let anybody know they are being watch and could set up an alert to your phone to let you know that somebody entered the motion detection area and the time. Additionally they also sell motion detector devices that can be integrated into the system as well.


Whats all this mean? Now it’s very affordable to set up a world class security system. You don’t need to be tricked into setting up a system with ADP, or some of the other more expensive systems out there, now you can be empowered to do it on your own.

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