How restaurants can use data and not be creepy

Menu by StoreGear is a food ordering system that gives you a bunch of customer data that you can use for direct marketing. But don't simply blast them information everyday, be smart and give them quality messages.
How restaurants can use data and not be creepy

Jun 6, 2019

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With the Menu by StoreGear Food Ordering System for Restaurants, you now have a bunch of customer ordering data at your fingertips in the dashboard. A few examples of easy to understand data consists of:

  • Full list of names, emails, order value, and number of orders to be broken down by week, month or life time
  • Visual heat maps showing where order delivery requests are taking place on a map.
  • Stats and graphs showing ordering volume by data, month and life time.

With all this data, how can you make this information translate into more revenue?

Romancing your Customers

Just like with dating, its important to nurture the relationship: don’t come on too strong and find some things you have in common without “hovering” or “being creepy”

For example, in the food ordering system dashboard, you could quickly find all the customers that have ordered pick up for lunch 2 times in a week and that have spent $20 or more.

With that data in hand, its possibly to create messaging directly targeted at them: “Hey, I saw you had lunch with us 2 times this week…where were you this week?”

However, even though that message speaks directly at target audience you isolated…doing so is creepy, clingy and slightly stalker-ish.

While persistence most likely built your business, it doesn’t always translate to romancing a customer. Instead, now that you know the target customer likes lunch and demonstrated a willingness to come back, try an email that is more subtle with the data. For instance, “Hey there, we have a new lunch special this week for our valued customers. Try out our new lunch special this week and get a free drink with this coupon code.” That customer now feels special and feels like they are getting a discount they could use. It also speaks directly to them because you know they like lunch. Additionally, that type of promotion cost your bottom line almost nothing! The email being sent backed by the knowledge that they like lunch, is more likely to take action. Message is more likely to be read and as a bonus they didn’t feel harassed, or stalked.

This is how you use data to create subtle messaging tailored to an audience that wants to hear from you, which most likely will translate to a higher conversion rate.

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