LA Country Stops all Outdoor and Indoor Dining

All restaurants in LA country will not be allow to do outdoor or indoor dining starting November 25th 10pm.
LA Country Stops all Outdoor and Indoor Dining

Nov 22, 2020

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In a huge blow to all LA county restaurants, bars, breweries public health officials for LA County annonced the closure of all outdoor dining at restaurants starting at 10pm Wed November 25th, 2020. The new rules effect restaurants, bars, and wineries and allow them only to hold take out and delivery.

Wineries and breweries will still be allowed to perform retail activities.

Officials had warned earlier that if the five-day average of new cases reached 4,000, or if hospitalizations topped 1,750 per day that changes would occur.

The five day average reached 4,097 on Sunday triggering the shutdown.

More coverage about LA dining restrictions can be found at their official announcement page here on the LA County Health Website.

LA Times coverage can be found here.

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