Understanding what caching is on your website

Caching is a technical term to store something for quick access by the computer so that it can display information faster! Lets quickly explore how StoreGear handles caching that super charges your audience's experience and what to know.
Understanding what caching is on your website

Jun 27, 2018

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There are different ways to having things cached and they effect the ways things are viewed. Here are the broad strokes of caching.

Things can be cached on your computer and on the web server.

Browser Caching

Many times images, javascript files, and css style scripts can be set by the webpage to be stored for a certain amount of time on your web browser for a certain amount of time before they are re-downloaded from the website. Doing this allows for more speed because it doesn’t need to re-download items from the website. So as people navigate your website things appear faster because its not having to re-download the files.

When editing your website this can sometimes make things confusing, sometimes there will be an image or behind the scenes a javascript or css file that you update in your browser, but when you view your website it seems like there were no changes. If you see this happen, you need to clear the browser cache to make way for the new files to reflect your changes. However…this is pain in the but to go through your settings, find your cache and then click clear…so hear’s a shortcut: When visiting your site, hold down the “shift” button on your keyboard, and while holding this button down click the reload button. This tells the browser to clear the local cache and re-download the new files.

Website Caching

On the internet is the website server holding your website. Every time somebody views your website, the page is dynamically created with looking up items in a database and then piecing it all together. But doing this every time slows things down, so different levels of caching techniques are employed to speed things up! If you had us set up some advanced fine tuned caching for ultimate speed, in scenarios where it makes sense the whole page maybe be rendered (does this the first time you visit the page) and then that pre-rendered page is stored in a safe place. When another user views that page, it then shows that page unless the web server is instructed at the administrative level to clear that cache. This caching is part of what makes our websites so fast.


Doing caching is what super speeds websites up, but doing it right is an art form and takes a higher level of technical expertise and talent. So when setting up caching, its always best to have professional set it up.

Hope it all makes sense

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