Here is a quick security tip, use Cloudflare DNS service on your router, computer, tablet and phone to perform the DNS “lookups”. This small tip immediately increases the speed of your wifi connection, privacy and security. And…its free.

Here is a link to instructions on how to set it up. (Set up is different for iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, ect)

Wait DNS “lookup” and a DNS service…what are you talking about?

What is a DNS “lookup”

Every time you go to a website or your app requests data, your computer is first requesting a DNS look up to figure out where this “data” exists on the internet. If you are not using a DNS service, then your computer defaults the lookup to the router, and if the router isn’t using a DNS service, then it defaults the lookup to the internet service provider it is getting internet from and so forth. Those DNS look up requests are not always secure, can potentially be intercepted, and are tracked potentially by the router, whatever internet connection that router or anywhere else along the pipeline. These look up requests are not always completely private and can be stored by these services (remember that whole net neutrality thing…this is what its about).

In addition, the speed of your internet connection can only go as fast as the slowest item in the pipeline….starting with the DNS “lookup”. So you want this DNS lookup situation to be as fast as possible because it is the first stage to getting whatever data your app or web browser wants.

What is a DNS Resolver Service

A DNS service is something you can explicitly set to perform the “lookup” to bypass the wireless router and/or the ISP from doing the lookup.

There are a few big companies that have created DNS services with both strengths and weaknesses. Google is one, Cloudflare is another. Cloudflare’s business model has no vested interest in tracking which is one reason I like them. They also have a huge global infrastructure of routing data. I’ve come to trust some of their services and have gained confidence in the company which is why I recommend them. But if you want to also explore Google’s service, you can find it here.

So as I have explained, as a default setting on your computer or phone, the DNS lookup first goes through the router and then the ISP…unless explicitly set. So instead of using the default settings which gives up your privacy and security to the unknown, invest 5 minutes to not do that. If you are business, change your router setting and protect your customers. Then do it on your home router, phone and all your devices so that when you are at home or in a public wifi cafe you aren’t such an easy target.