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Many talented designers are creating beautiful websites for their clients…that don’t load properly according to google or very fast. Lets end that, and help your design and your client’s businesses thrive with higher performing sites that are designed by you to look beautilful. We train you to use our system to be your best. So if you have been using a godaddy builder, or wix or square space…we invite you to test your site on GTmetrix. If the score it receives horrifies you (and your client) lets chat on making your designs into a better website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build the next with StoreGear?

No. StoreGear will work great for 95% of small business websites, but its not meant for every situation…just most small business situations.

Whats wrong with square space or wix or weebly or shoppify for my clients?

There’s nothing wrong with those platforms, but if you have built a site in one of those platforms before, I dare you to test the sites you have built using a 3rd party testing tool (ie and test their google page score….then…as you most likely see a poor performance score that is undoubtedly hurting your client…let it sink in. Take a breath, but don’t hold onto that anger for too long, there’s still hope. Together we can re-build the site better for both you and your client on StoreGear. In addition to generally having better results, you will have more control with our visual builder to do even more design enhancements and build for mobile. Together we can help you build a better site. Lets do this!

Why would your website be better than me designing a website using wordpress?

It most likely is, but it might not be too. With the large community, it being open source, it being heavily tested, WordPress is the best website platform out there. However, while it is really easy to get it set up and running quickly, its not automatically going to be updated for security, all the plugins are not going to automatically work together, and its good to have a strong programming background to quickly react to problems. To do WordPress right is a lot work. We aren’t perfect all the time, but we work really hard to make sure things are updated and compatible. Bad things can always happen, but more than likely we have more experience than you do preparing and trying to mitigate bad situations. So while yes…anybody can do this, experience in this field matters greatly for when things go wrong.