How to Build a Personal Trainer Website in 7 easy steps

  • 1. Choose the Personal Trainer Starting Point from and sign up.
  • 2. Activate the StoreGear Visual Builder
  • 3. Add Images of you working with clients
  • 4. Edit the text
  • 5. Customize the design by changing colors and fonts
  • 6. Use the free One on One Consulting
  • 7. We help connect your domain name and go live! Launched!

Scroll down to see the quick step-by-step video instructions on how to build your website…you can do this!

How TO

How to Make a Personal Trainer Website in 7 steps

1. Choose the Personal Trainer Starting Point and sign up.

We have made the sign up process super easy and straight forward. If you are not doing any e-commerce, choose the starter package and save some money

Play demo showing sign up process

Play demo showing how to activate visual builder

2. Activate the Visual Builder

Once you have completed the sign up process (watch a screen cast of the full sign up process) go to your front page and activate the visual builder

3. Add Images of you working with clients

Edit some of the pre-set images to be you. You are in the business of selling you, so its very helpful to include professional images of you, preferable in the environments of the business you are selling. So professional personal training photos of you working with a client are very import to getting people to take the next step.

Play demo showing how to change images

Play demo showing how to change text

4. Edit the text

The Personal Trainer Starting Point has a suggested way of how to organize and what information could be important to your audience. Keep the stuff you want, delete the stuff you don’t need. Then go into each section of text in the visual editor and paste or write in the text so that its powerful and personal to how you work and the service and expertise you offer.

5. Take the design even further

While its a pretty close to a completed Personal Trainer website, we can take it further by changing the colors, fonts, layout and structure. Say you don’t like round orange buttons…change it! You can easily remove the rounded radius to be a corner and change the orange color to a blue, yellow or any color that you wish to define your branding.

Play demo showing how to change colors, fonts, ect

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6. One on One Consulting: Have us review for free. (By a person with real experience)

Once you are feeling good about your site, contact us to set up your free 1 hr session. This 1 hour session will not be done by somebody with 3 month certificate…its gonna be done by somebody with a degree in computer science or graphic design with over 5 years experience. A pro. We have been doing this a very long time and worked with many people like yourself. We will suggest some time tips, maybe offer some design or content suggestions, and answer any other gaps you may have felt during the building process. 1 hr of consulting is included for FREE, after that we still offer full agency services at the rate of 150/hr for StoreGear users. If needing consulting outside of the StoreGear realm its 250/hr.

7. We help connect your domain name and go live!

Once you are ready to launch we will help you point your domain to our DNS servers and go live. At our dns we do additional work to properly set up firewalls, https, and special caching to super charge your site.


Why use StoreGear website builder to build your Personal Trainer Website

  • Your Website will load fast and be built professionally
  • The important information is pre-organized with out Starting Points
  • Affordable Pricing Starts at $29/mo with 30 day money back guarantee, no joke…29/mo can be speed tuned better than a wix/square/shoppify. Contact us and we can show you why through 3rd party testing. 
  • Your final site will be proofed by a REAL professional in a one on one consultation

Easy To Update

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Faster Loading

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Easy to Integrate

In addition to a great looking professional experience for your clients, you may also want to integrate code from 3rd parties. With the builder code module, you can easily paste in javascript integration code from third parties to make things look seem-less. And if that becomes too technical, we are here to help.


StoreGear Pricing Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make updates to my personal training website myself?

Yes! Watch the quick video for a demonstration of sign up and how to make edits to text, add pictures, or adjust colors.

We also include an hour of professional services time free for every sign up. You can use this one on one time for training, design review, digital coaching, or design time.

I see cheaper hosting prices, why is StoreGear not the cheapest?

When comparing cost, its important to know what you are comparing. Here are two big ways we do things better:

Compare load speed. Use a third party site like to see how one of there demo or client sites load. Then compare us…these speed issues result in a lower bounce rate and higher rankings. If you are actually serious about your business, that’s alone is a no brainer.

Professional Consulting. We offer real experienced consulting from professionals…at a discounted rate. We can do the discounted rate because when hiring an outside consultant to review your site and marketing, it requires time for them to review and fix issues you might not be aware of. Because we are the platform, we can spend less time identify issues and spend more focused time on you resulting in a more effective result for you

How do I set up HTTPS?

We set run your dns through our system and set up https. If you are not sending data to your server its still a good idea to have https because google has recently changed chrome to warn people using chrome of sites not using https and also has started promoting sites that have https.

I already like my design...but my website is slow or got hacked, can you help?

We usually can help. Sometimes we will use internet archives to try to piece together a site if it was completely lost. You get an hour of time for free with your sign up. We are clever and super fast, so if that’s where you need help, put us to work!

Wix said in their ads Keanu Reeves did his website using their builder, where's your celebrity tv ads?

It was a cool ad that never actually showed Keanu Reeves building a website . We are a bit smaller than wix, and offer experienced one on one development with clients. We also deliver faster page loads than the average wix site.

We LOVE Keanu Reeves. When he actually cares about making a website, we hope he will make the switch to StoreGear

The difference is night and day.

Call or e-mail us, we can answer any questions about StoreGear and the process of building the best personal trainer website. If you want us to compare against anybody else, we are ready to talk about what makes sense for you. Additionally, we offer a 30 day money back there is really no risk. We also will be happy to review any site you currently have and explain the differences at no charge.

What They’re Saying


Recent Customer Testimonials

I recently had to re-start my business, and my neighbor said she knew how to make websites so I had her make my website on SquareSpace. My website took forever to load and didn’t show up on search, google maps, yelp….not good. I was referred to StoreGear and hired them to Coach me on what needed to be done, then hired them to re-do the website on the StoreGear platform, customize our yelp and other social business profiles, and was given an SEO strategy to start implementing. They fixed a bunch of technical stuff and redirects behind the scenes. The results really changed everything, we started coming up on google maps, yelp and in normal search.

Andrew Smith

Founder, The Bike Shop California

We had a wordpress site set up by our customer, after 4 months it all of the sudden was placing pop ups on our site and fake ads. Soon our hosting company shut the site down. We found StoreGear, they coached us on what needed to be done and then helped us recover our old website, images and text, then put it into the StoreGear website builder. It looked better than before, loaded faster, and we could easily make changes to the menu. StoreGear walked us through everything to make sure we knew how to make changes to the text and now our site is live. They got us back up in running in a few days. I was impressed.


Restaurant Manager, Cholada Thai Cuisine

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Real Professionals to Helping You

People doing the consulting at StoreGear didn’t simply go to a bootcamp and call themselves a web pro, they have 5+ years in professional digital design working with clients. Real pros.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like the speed, better looking looking site, easy way to update, friendly help…no problem. Cancel and we’ll give you a refund! No problemo

Watch the Whole sign up and set up process start to finish with this 8 minute uncut screen cast