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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include web hosting?

The monthly fee includes web hosting.

What if I already have a domain?

We will help you point your domain to our managed servers where we will set your dns up correctly for you for at no extra charge. **extra custom work can also be done at our normal rate

Can you do custom design?

Yes, we can. And we are awesome at it. We have designed 100’s of sites and we can design yours. Generally our clients will give us a reference point, maybe another site they like and discuss what they like about it. From there we will make an estimate in time. We include 1 hr of design time free of charge for all new clients, and because we are so experienced…most designs end up being free!

What if I need to update something?

We have built a super easy visual update system to allow for updates to pictures, text and design with help videos. However, if you wish for a more concierge service, we offer services to do the updates for you for a fee.

Do you guys do updates for me?

While our update system is super easy to use for both professional designers and non-technical people alike, we can be hired to do updates for you at our normal design rates.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

With our support staff that knows the technical ins and outs of our product you are never stuck and can be rest assured that the final output of your website will be the best it can be.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not happy? No problem, you have 30 days no risk to use our product and get a full refund. That said, with our best in class platform combined with our amazing support, you will be hard pressed to find any other solution that works better than us!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Remember…there is no risk to signing up. If you are not satisfied, just send us a note and we will refund your money. Your one hour of design time for your site will be on the house!