DNS E-Mail Services Set Up

A proper DNS service is important, it helps with your speed and security. It is also required if using various services for email sending that use your domain name. So if you are using G-Suite, MailChimp, Zoho Mail, or any services that are similar, you need to set up the DNS records properly so that your messages can be properly received. To learn more about the terminology, please read the following blog post explaining the terms of DNS setup for email services.

For our clients we use CloudFlare as a DNS service and import your current DNS set up. If you haven’t properly set up your DNS for the various mail sending services you are using we can help for a small fee. To do this takes time a little bit of expertise, but we are here to help.

Our service works as followed:

  1. We interview you to see what possible services you need set up
  2. You then email us the necessary DKIM keys and SPF records or give us the user/password for the services and we will find them for you
  3. Set up the DNS records for you on Cloudflare


This is only available to our StoreGear clients and is billed as a 1 time addition to your subscription payment method.

Standard set up of max 5 services of SPF and DKIM. $100 one time fee.

Something more complicated or if you’re domain is black listed and need help with a DMARC record setup and investigation, please contact us to discuss what will be needed and pricing.