Q: Do you use artificial intelligence (AI) to build your websites?

A: No and most likely the businesses claiming they have AI are con-artists that have no idea what they are doing, nor have any idea how to use the word Artificial Intelligence. They most likely don’t have a degree in computer science, they have never done any real programming, and they think using a simple for loop or if statement qualifies as artificial intelligence…it doesn’t.

Q: Why is StoreGear better than Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify.

A: Find a website built on one of those platforms, and then run the speed test through: http://www.gtmetrix.com then contact us to compare sites we’ve built (or find one in the about us section). Speed actually effects your SEO and bounce rate. In addition to speed, and ascetics, and much more control of the look and feel, we offer consulting services that can’t be matched.

We have prepared articles demonstrating side by side comparisons of sites built on other platforms vs ours. So even if ours is a little more money, if you are serious about your business…it should be clear why we are better and worth every penny.

Q: I am really busy, can you just make my website for me.

A: Yes we can do that! Wwe offer website design (which is making your website) as well as digital marketing strategy, SEO / social media set up, posting, and facebook / adwords management. Complete vertical integration of all the services you need for success.