Live consulting with Ben Miskie


Book a 1 on 1 session for assessment and coaching/planning/execution on online strategy (marketing, messaging, technical). Session is using google hangouts and requires you sitting at your computer with screen sharing enabled.


Frequently Asked Questions

What ares of expertise do you provide.

On page seo strategy, page speed help, schema structured data help, overall strategy, training, operational change management, technical hiring help, ad campaign strategy, branding.

Can I book multiple 10 min sessions?

No. Even though it is “cheaper” the 10 min session for $10 is just an act of good will to get people comfortable with a 1 hour session. After 10 min you will absolutely recognize that the advice you are given will give you more return than the fee charged.

How can I make the most out of my session

Be prepared. Turn off your phone. Have a series of questions ready. Be in a quiet area and make sure you microphone and computer is connected to the internet. Have your website and all necessary pages open on your website and have necessary links emailed or entered on the on-boarding form
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