Unlimited Food Orders Online: Commission Free

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Our Additional Marketing and Support

Having your own ordering system is important, but now lets get people to order!

Assess, Strategy & Roadmap

Marking is not a “one and done” activity, its on going and important part of your success. To do it right, its important to understand what various options are available and where to start. With our experience in investigating all the various options, we can offer evaluation, coaching, execution and training helping you better prioritize your resources of time and money.

Visual & UX Design SERVICES

The look and feel of your brand has effect on your customers experience, and that experience can start even before they enter through your restaurants door or even try your food. We do design and branding to help you give the best customer experience.

Fast loading beautiful WEBSITES

Not all websites are created equal…not even close. If you are using a wix/square website and aren’t sure why people aren’t finding you…check your Google Page Speed score. StoreGear websites are built right and load fast so you can come up higher organically on Google Search and in Google maps.

Launch & Social Monitor

A yelp or google page is like a baby, it needs to monitored and nurtured, not doing so can make it your enemy, but monitoring and nurturing it can make it a powerful source of income. It provides social proof which is now one the number 1 factors for people becoming a customer. So its important to spend time nurturing it or hire us to do it for you.

Seen enough and ready to try things out? Create a free Menu-StoreGear account.


Steps to Online Food Ordering

After your sign up, here are the complete steps to getting online ordering started commission free.


Restaurant Info

More Info

After you sign up you will immediately be directed in step by step process to enter in your:

  1. Address
  2. Delivery Location
  3. Hours
  4. And much more..

Adding Menu

More Info

Next step, you will be guided through enterting in your menu information:

  1. Categories
  2. Items/Descriptions
  3. Sizes
  4. Pricing
  5. Pictures

Accept Payments

More Info

You are not doing this for free, next you must set up a merchant account, we suggest Stripe.com

Stripe has a 2.9% .30 transaction fee and no extra monthly fee. Our menu system integrates nicely with little features like “pro-authorizing” a charge for 6 hrs so that in the event there is a cancellation or refund, no charge back fees occur.

Delivery Service

More Info

If you have your own delivery guys or only are going to offer pickup, then you dont need to worry about finding a delivery service. Otherwise, we can set up a 2ndary email so that email notifications can be directly sent to a delivery service of your choice.


More Info

Next, do a soft launch with friends and family, test things thouroughly. Understand your system and then go live on your website!

Additional ways we can help take it to the next level.


Menu Setup

More Info

You’re busy, we get it. You don’t have time to enter in your whole menu…but here’s the thing….its important. So either you do it, or hire us to do it and get it done.

Advanced Promo

More Info

Already included are a ton of pre-made ways to handle promos. But in the base version you can only have one active. With the Advanced promo package you get access to more pros and you can have unlimited promos active.

Social Setup

More Info

Having your social profiles set up properly is CRITICAL. If this is not your area of expertise you could spend the time learning to be an expert, or hire us. To maximize your ordering potential, your Yelp, Google Business Page, Apple Maps profile, and facebook page need to be set up perfectly. In addition, the link from these profiles to ordering should be set up perfectly. If you are reading this, and you forgot to set this up, hire us. Lets get you making money.

Website Design

More Info

All websites are NOT created equally. Wix and other cheap website platforms would love for you to believe they are the best and the cheapest…but they straight up lie.

A website needs to load fast, be mobile friendly, have the right messaging, have the right call to action, look professionally designed, have up to date professional pictures, and be built the right away to gain a high google page speed score.

The result of doing all this means you rank higher in search, on google maps, and convert more orders…how much is this worth…alot. So make sure you build your site right and not loose out on sales.

Mobile App

More Info

Just like our competitors, we can build and sell you a purpose driven app for making orders to your site. 

While we can do it, we don’t push it like our competitors. They have no problem selling you something you don’t need, we do.  Occastionally it does work for some customers, and we are available to do it. Use the contact form to inquire for more infrormation on this integration.

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You can create a full functioning menu ordering system for free, fill out the form below you will then be direct to the dashboard to create your account and play with all the tools. You wont be able to accept credit cards, but you will be able to see how the whole system works.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does delivery work?

With our product you are in charge of your delivery people. Additionally, you can use 3rd party delivery services. In the dashboard you can set up additional users to receive notifications. Simply set up the delivery services email to receive notification emails that you work with.

Can I integrate with a thermal printer?

Absolutely, we have a list of compatible printers. More information about printers and what is supported can be found here: https://www.storegear.com/food-ordering-system/print-client-and-kitchen-receipts/

Do I need a website?

Definately. We can integrate our product on your current website, but to maximize sales its best to have a beautiful fast loading and professional looking website. While you can’t eat a website, a website reflects the quality of your brand so make sure your site looks sharp! 

How do I accept payments and do refunds?

We integrate with Stripe, one of the most popular tools for online transactions. Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. When an order comes through, the order is pre-authorized to make sure the card is valid for 6 hours. That way if the order changes or gets cancelled by you, there are no charge back fees. After the 6 hour period the transaction completes to your account.