Product Photography for Items Under 18 Inches

High quality product photography for stores and e-commerce sites make for a better first impression.

The real truth: using a cell phone camera or a non-full frame camera (ie cheap dslr) with a small lens or small sensors doesn’t put your product in the best position to truly shine.

In addition, inadequate lighting conditions done by individuals not understanding aperture, and proper key lighting don’t get the job done. For that pro look a business is presenting to the world, you need to look like you need great pictures. That’s why you need StoreGear to shoot your photos.

Every shoot done by StoreGear is done with care, the right eye for the shot…and a fancy camera/lens to give that professional look that can’t be matched with even the best iPhone.

Make the very best first impression.

Additional Add-Ons

The following items can be added to a photo package

Travel Requirements

Onsite Photo shoot within 5 miles of Santa Monica

Onsite Photo shoot within 5 miles of Santa Monica with White Background Requirements

White Background food plating or 16inch max product size

3-4 Lights and Light Tent or white background used

White Background Editing

10 photos or less edited and delivered in PNG transparency (where possible)

25 photos or less edited  and delivered in PNG transparency (where possible)


A few quick photo examples

Product Delivery

A couple notes on delivery of product

You are welcome to drop off the product in Santa Monica, in the event where a drop off is not convienent you can ship via UPS. If you want the products returned, we are happy to accomidate! However, you will be required to send return shipping materials. We just focus on the art!

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