Recommended Small Business Services

Disclosure: some of these recommended items StoreGear receives a referral/affiliate reward. That said, that in no way impacts our decision to recommend a product or creates any biases. Most of these items we are recommending have competing products offering higher rewards for referrals. Our goals is to bring attention the better products and help our audience thrive, when our audience thrives in the long term so do we.

Payroll – Square Up Payroll

I checked out the top payroll tools that have been around for years: ADP and Paychex. After extensive review…and the other companies sales people straight up lying to me…there was one clear winner: Square Payroll.

When reviewing payroll, there are a few items to consider:

  • Quarterly tax filing and compliance
  • W2’s
  • Workman’s comp insurance, broker AND integration
  • Time tracking integration
  • Payroll being sent out bi-weekly

During my review process I was very confused by the sales people and insurance brokers associated with Paychex and ADP.  All the people from Paychex and ADP repeatedly said that there were some gaps in what Square was offering for compliance, tax filing, problems as you scale…but I couldn’t find them. I don’t want to believe they were lying…but they were highly misinformed and acting as if they knew what they were talking about. As I added all the extra fee’s up associated with what would be needed for a small business from both ADP and Paychex…it wasn’t close. The other companies over the course of the year are charging 1000’s more for the same stuff that Square is offering all in a fixed price package.

So if you are a small business, check out Square Up for Payroll, they haven’t been around as long, they don’t have the same sales business structure overhead, but from your standpoint, it should be a more efficient service, providing everything you need at a lower cost.
Here’s a link to SquareUp Payroll