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We get it. As a restaurant owner you have a lot on your plate (no pun intended). We understand that you haven’t researched best SEO practices for your website, how to optimize photos and all the other nuances of the digital marketing you need to get people to order directly from you so that you can improve your margins. Luckily, in addition to providing the best in class direct online food ordering platform, the best built websites, we can also provide the human capital of REAL experts to fill the gaps and build and execute your digital marketing. Have a small budget and need help deciding where to focus your resources? We offer consulting for that too,

What we do for Restaurants.

1. Pro Restaurant Website Build

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2. Direct Online Food Ordering Systems

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3. Digital Consulting & Marketing Services

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1. Professional Website Builder experts can use to rank ahead of sites built on shopify, square space and wix

Option to be set up by Experts and maintained by experts

Faster loading website

Search Optimization and Local Search Tools

Get full service design and templates that organize your ideas with impact

Restaurant Website
Beautiful, 100% custom website launched quickly

We know how important your website is, when creating your online digital strategy, all roads should lead to your website: links through social media, pay per click advertising(PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and more.  Your website should be considered the foundation of all your marketing efforts, it is critical that it is built right: loads fasts, has the proper SEO properties, is functional and aesthetically pleasing. When we say it needs to be done right, that is what that statement means. Working with a company that not only knows what “done right” means but also knows how it integrates with your other digital marketing efforts is an an important advantage when working with StoreGear Websites design services so that you can provide the best online experience for your customers.

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Restaurant Website Design

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2. Commission-free online ordering, made just for your restaurant. Tailored to your needs.

100% Commission free = more money back in your business at a time when this matters the most.

Pictures in menu to show off your food

Your own branding

Centralizes all pick-up, delivery & dine in orders, so you can easily be. infull control of your business.

Food Ordering System that helps you gain direct orders on your website without giving up commission.

With Menu by StoreGear you can set up your online ordering menu, adjust delivery and wait times, set ordering hours, create your own promos, keep your customer data (this is huge), set ordering hours, closed dates, and delivery zones and much much more. You can reject orders if you don’t have something and call that customer to let them know why so that they can re-order. Because its commission free, you make more money per transaction. This is how you do online ordering right.


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Online Food Ordering System

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3. Consulting Work: Web Design, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media to help you gain the edge. A la cart talent that’s better than you, and saves you time.

Digital strategy and consulting sessions

Full-service digital advertising services

Social Media Marketing

Real experts with 20+ year experience

We approach all of our restaurant digital service work with a strategy aimed at driving paying customers to your restaurant.

Starting from scratch or refining what you already have, our restaurant website development and consulting services help your restaurant optimizing online performance. We quickly diagnose problems in strategy and design action plans for optimal success. Whether you have a chain of restaurants, a single location coffee shop, operate a sports bar, or host evenings of fine dining, we help you save time and make more money.


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Restaurant Marketing Services

Stop drinking the “kool-aid” of these delivery apps “promises” from marketing people that learn on the job with your business. Run your online presence like a real business. Use real talent and best in class tools that help you make more money and thrive.

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There is opportunity for restaurants doing online ordering the right way.

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Book an 1 hour Strategy Session:
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Over video chat we will review what you have now, what the gaps are that could improve workflow and margins, and where to focus and prioritize your efforts. Where you should spend your money now, and what you should plan on spending money / time on in the future.  We talk fast, so take notes and have your questions ready.