“Real” Digital Advertising Pros

Why do we say “real?” A dirty secret with a lot of “agencies” is that they simply have no idea what they are doing. They don’t know about targeting, they know about testing, they are literally just using the Facebook / Google autopilot settings and pushing go. They aren’t technical, they aren’t experienced…they are faking it. We have no problems calling them out. We’re nerds, we’ve used our own money to dig deep into all the settings to test and maximize our own dollars spent.

Social Media Services Lady

We work on both Facebook and Google

We have had our own skin in the game advertising our products which forced us to really “dig in”.

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We find targeted audiences

Facebook and Google allow for you to “trust the algorithm” to your audiences, but if you operate a restaurant in San Francisco, why would you want to advertise your happy hour to people in LA? Sometimes the algorithm doesn’t work and thats when its important to hire real talent.

Social media services contentcreation

Figuring out creative content

To be successful, the content and message needs to stand out, be informative and connect with the audience you want to connect with. Expecting generic creative content to trigger, we try to work directly with you brand and budget to find something that works.


Social media services hashtag research

We study the results, refine, and re-test

We see whats working, whats not working, re-test and refine. Doing this upfront work helps you not throw money down the drain later.

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Facebook forms, page views, click throughs, bots, there are many strategies that can be built other than just seeing an advertisement. We have experience with all the different flows.


Paid Advertising Should be the Last thing you spend money on

Even when doing everything right, for most small businesses paid advertising should be the last thing you do.  A profesionally built SEO optimized website, properly set up social profiles, well thought out promotions, regular postings on social, and emails to nurture your clients should be all set up properly prior to spending heavy money on Facebook or Google ads. Facebook and Google are rich for reason, they know how to tempt and string along advertisers. So be smart with your money, do the foundational stuff first. And once that is all locked down, add fuel to the fire with smart and targeted ads.