Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

If you are spending money on digial advertising without creating a strong social media presense….you are wasting money. Your social media precense should be the first step to taking advantaged of new ways to attract new customers. Converting all of your social posts and review sites into profits takes talent, and that’s where we can help.

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Why its valuable to have an social media presence for your restaurant.

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More Customers

A greater social meda presnce brings more customers to your site and your restaurant.

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Build Credibility

More activity on social media build crediblity with your potential customers. This is an opportunity to show off your food, and its a great way to generate engagement outside your restaurant.

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Brand Awareness

By using social media for restaurants, you can keep your restaurant at the front of customers’ minds even when they aren’t there.

60% of consumers say they factor in the information they find on social media when choosing a restaurant.

60% of consumers say they factor in the information they find on social media when choosing a restaurant.

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Social Media Set Up: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Business, Instagram

A google business, yelp or instagram profile has evolved to something beyond just an address and phone number. Maximizing the potential of these social profiles not only takes time, it requires talent. Knowing how to properly write a description with keywords, properly add your logo, properly integrate your direct ordering, properly set the ascetics can all lead to more traffic that can be converted to orders.  If you don’t have the time to research and set profiles up, or if you profile needs a tune-up, then we are here to help do it right.

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Social Media Content Creation

A post need to have value: it can offer delight, it can evoke an emotion, it can be informative, it can be a promotional deal, it can be educational, it can beautiful…but it can’t be nothing of value if you expect something to happen.

If you don’t have the time to create content, we have a wide variety of content creation methods to work with depending on your budget.


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Social Media hashtag research for posts

Typing a bunch hashtags and hoping for the best isn’t a real plan for success…there is actually a method to the madness. We employ tracking hashtag tracking tools to see what specific things are working during the time of the post to improve the chances of the post being seen.

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Social Media Public Review Management

A timely response to public reviews is critical in the modern era. When done right it shows: concern, a willingness to connect with a customer, and a desire to be human and constantly improve. When done wrong..or not it all…then it demonstrates the exact opposite of a proper response.

Regardless if you think its fair, it is important for the restaurant owner to also recognize that the person they are responding to, weather its a negative or positive review, isn’t the only person reading your response.

For all the reasons listed above, if you don’t have time to respond to reviews, then its critical to use our public review management service on for your google business profile.

Social Media Consulting Packages

Social Media Pricing for Restaurants

Investing in social media can seem daunting at first, but its actually pretty easy to get started and generate results. Platform users are constantly scrolling and discovering new restaurants they like, and we can help your restaurant be one of them.

Social Media Google Business Page Tune Up for Food Ordering Customers

If set up right, your Google Business Page can lead to a good majority of commission free orders. If you don’t set it up right, it won’t. If you are not willing to invest the time to learn how to set up your profile right, or plan to do it later while you are currently missing out on orders…this is a no brainer. We charge $75 for a quick tune up, or 199 if you need us to take a deeper dive. This pricing is per location