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Restaurant Website Design Services

Better Website Design Leads to More Customers Ordering Food Online and In-Person

Our restaurant website design services are built to bring you more organic traffic and send it to your most important page. When combined with our food ordering system and other re-marketing tools, its a combo that can’t be beat.

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 Choose your Web Creation Path Wisely

Not all websites are built equally…a better website leads to higher ranking and better conversion. If you think you saving money using Wix, Shopify, Square Space, Bento, Popmenu or an out of date WordPress install…you might want to instead think about how much money you are loosing by not ranking as high in Google search or on Google maps as you could be. We build websites with our in-house website builder which loads faster and contains more abilities to customize schema data. Our sweet spot of tech leads to higher ranking, and our design leads to higher conversion.

Built for Restaurants

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Work with our talented web design team to launch a beautiful and function restaurant website.

Functional Website Design – the foundation of your restaurants’s digital success. Improve online visibility, traffic and see that convert to sales growth.

Design by Real Experts

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Others claim to be experts in design…but are measurably not. You can be sure when working with StoreGear the experience will be easy, efficient, less work learning web design yourself. Full-Service design with the experience of knowing what works. We do the work,  you have more time for your guests.

True Professional Restaurant Website Design Converts your Visitors to Food Orders: Both Online and Offline. Give guests everything they need to make a dining decision on your website.

Your customers are on the go. Part of professional design is reducing the clicks your customers need to do to get what they want. We make ordering on your website and navigating your website easy for your customers while loading fast. The combination of speed and functional design allows for a better customer experience as well as higher search rankings. Not only does StoreGear make your website fast, every page is ADA compliant, built to be mobile friendly, and can be customized for various device nuances as needed.

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Food Order Pro by StoreGear Online Food Ordering integration is better with a Food Order Pro / StoreGear Built Website

The combination of design and platform tech keeps your customers “on-brand” and doesn’t push the customer to another location. This leads to more finalized orders and more money in your pocket per order.

StoreGear Search Term Optimization Websites

Make sure you get found on Google

StoreGear creates a better website that helps you get found more easily on Google with better schema data integration and faster page speed. Customers are google’ing for restaurants, cuisine or food you offer. We can perform keyword analysis and optimize your restaurant website to improve the online presence and visibility on search engines to show up in localized search.

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Built for your restaurant business in mind.

Proper restaurant schema data for both single and multi-location restaurants so that your restaurant has the best chance of being seen.

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Access to Professional Design Tools for Professional Results

Our tech stack is a the Best-In-Class website builder and platform for restaurants combining an open source platform with customized plugins and a super fast and stable content delivery network. Additionally we have a vast selection of professionally designed templates for your restaurant website to use as starting points to speed up the design process when working with us. After the site is launched it can be updated anytime by you with our visual builder (if you are willing to learn) or us.

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Professionally designed restaurant website that reflects your brand.

We offer full-service setup so you can have more time with your guests. Experts in SEO and ADA accessibility with layouts that drive orders and results.

Website Design Pricing

Pricing for custom website design can vary dramatically based on the amount of work you are looking to hire us for. Some customers are prepared with their branding and have mockups, while others are starting from scratch. There are many factors that can change the time needed to make something great. We create pricing based on the amount of work and time needed.

Typically, most restaurants need design time in the range of $1500-$4500. Additionally we only build websites on our platform. Doing so gives you more bang for the buck and better results because we have spent years fine tuning and customizing our set up. It also gives the advantage that plugins and software stays up to date. The price for the StoreGear Website platform ranges from $29 – $129/mo and includes all technical updates and hosting. We typically advise the $49/mo which includes the advanced schema data tools for restaurants that dramatically improve local search results as well as results on Google maps.


Why are your prices so affordable?

We have invested years building out our “sweet” spot platform that allows us to dramatically speed up the design time we quote. Unlike a square space website or wix or shopify website, our platform is not a platform of compromise. It has the best design tools, the best schema data tools and can be built to load the faster.

Why are your prices so expensive?

If you are under the impression that our prices are expensive, then you have probably had a website in the past built on square space or wix built by a friend quickly and never knew how much it really cost you with a lower ranking website that doesn’t convert viewers to buyers.