We do complete vertical integration of marketing services with our web builder.

Services & How We Work

You can use the our special StoreGear website building yourself, or you can hire us to design the website on the StorGear website building platform for you. The great thing about our platform is that it allows for us or you to create designs quickly and make changes quickly at anytime.

In addition to a website builder and website design services we can offer you marketing consulting, SEO / Social Media management, or packages that include all of our services.

What does complete vertical Integration of marketing services mean?
Having a website is easy, having a website built the right way that can provide results is another thing. The messaging needs to be clear, the colors matched right, the site needs to be built so that it works on all platforms, is detectible by search engines, and loads fast. The pictures need to look sharp, and you need to know how to get people to your site.

Complete vertical integration means we provide all those services in house, we dont outsource the expertise, we are the expertise allowing us to more efficiently guide you to exactly what you need.

Website Marketing packages consist of the following:


1. Digital Marketing CONSULTING: Interview->ASsessment->Stragrey

Before anything is started, we need to interview you to understand your current branding, audience, and what you want to achieve with the website and online presence. After the interview we can assess and create a stragey on how to achieve the possible goal(s) based on your budget. 


2. Execution of Website

We develop the website on our StoreGear builder around the goals we defined in the strategy.


3. Bringing people to YOUR SITE

In the stragy session that defined the audience, we fine effience ways to reach audience via targeted ads on google and facebook, as well creating a social media plan of posts along with targeted keywords to help improve search engine ranking and reach your audience.

We offer all the services in various packages, or you can choose only the services you need.


4. Photo Services

Websites need great pictures, but taking great pictures that look professional doesn’t always work right without a big lens, the right lighting, and a little bit of talent. Luckily we can provide all of that.

Complete Website / Consulting Packages

Complete start to finish website consulting.


Choose a package, or choose from the individual services that make up our packages below.

1. Digital Marketing Coaching

2. Premium Website Builder

3. Pro Photos and videos

4. SEO and Social Media

Consulting Services


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