StoreGear is a website Builder AND Marketing Agency

2 Ways to Get Started:

Start by yourself using our online “starting points” to get started. This method also include 3 hrs of our consulting time(speed optimization, graphics review, and help) to ensure your final results look their very best.


Call / Email Us, we do the site for you from the beginning. We will assess your site and situation and help decide what to do next.

Are you already a Proficient Designer not needing consulting?

We have a “0 hrs consulting packages” not published that are exclusively for designers whom have either built their own websites from scratch, or have used a cheap builder (Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Square Space, self made WordPress, GoDaddy website builder) and know they need something better for their clients. We help your work achieve higher Google Page Speed scores on our platform…and if you don’t know what the Google Page Speed Score is and you are doing client work…you need to research this immediately. Our services can enable graphic designers who aren’t technical experts appear to have been made by technical experts. This makes your creations come out better, and your clients happier with a higher performing website…because they will come up higher on Google search and Google Maps as of 2018…

Contact us if you want to be part of our Design Partners Program. We help train you to get the most out of our of system, so your work can perform its very best.

To qualify we will need to see previous live examples of your work.


  • We offer full and lite digital agency experiences for the non-DIY people.
  • All of the “Starting Points” are just the foundation, and can be crafted to match your unique style while still being built right to load fast and work on multiple platforms
  • If you need help signing up, reach out to us on chat, email, or phone!