Here’s Small Business Day Deal

2 Hours of Design Time and Consulting FREE

Use this consulting time to build from scratch or move your current website over to StoreGear. Extra design, consulting, digital services can be purchased at a rate of 150/hr (also an amazing deal for pro consulting from people with degrees in computer science and design)

3 FREE MONTHS of StoreGear Service

StoreGear is already an amazing value and helps you make faster loading websites. This gives you a strong advantage over a normal wordpress, wix, squarespace, or shoppify built website because we fine tune your final site for extra performance that the others don’t match.  Sign up for a 1 year plan with StoreGear, get 3 months free. With the 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on hosting…there really isn’t much of a downside.

Things that matter:

  1. Your website should load in under 4 seconds. If it doesn’t…people statistically will do less on your site and google will lower your ranking in search and on google maps.
  2. Ascetics do not matter to Google…but they do matter to humans. After people get to your site, if you want people to think you are professional and do anything on your website…you better make sure your site is professional looking. Fonts that match, padding, spacing, color scheme…aka designed by a pro. You wouldn’t wear cargo shorts to a job interview…would you?

StoreGear is a website Builder AND Marketing Agency

2 Ways to Get Started:

Start by yourself using our online “starting points” to get started.


Call / Email Us, we do the site for you from the beginning.
  • We offer full and lite digital agency experiences for the non-DIY people.
  • All of the “Starting Points” are just the foundation, and can be crafted to match your unique style while still being built right to load fast and work on multiple platforms
  • If you need help signing up, reach out to us on chat, email, or phone!