HOW TO BUILD A Personal Trainer Website in 7 Easy Steps!

Scroll down to see quick step by step video instructions on how to build your website…you can do this!

01Choose starting point and sign up
02Activate Visual Builder
03Upload your images
04 Add and edit text content
05 Design and Customize

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How to make a Personal Trainer Website in 7 easy steps!

Choose the Personal Trainer Starting Point and Sign Up

We have made the sign up process super easy and straight forward. If you are not doing any e-commerce choose the “Starter Package” and save some money. You can always upgrade later.

Activate the Visual Builder

Once you have completed the sign up process (watch a screen cast of the full sign up process) navigate to the front page and activate the visual builder.

Add Images of you working with clients.

Edit some of the pre-set images to be you. You are in the business of selling you, so its very helpful to include images of you, preferably in the environments of the business you are selling. So professional Personal Training photos of you working with a client are very important to getting people to take the next step.

Edit the text.

The Personal Trainer Starting Point has a suggested way of how to organize and what information could be important to your audience. Keep the stuff you want, delete the stuff you don’t need. Then go into each section of text in the visual editor and paste or write in the text so that its powerful and personal to how you work and the service and expertise you offer.

Take the design even further.

While its a pretty close to a completed Personal Trainer website, we can take it further by changing the colors, fonts, layout and structure. Say you don’t like round orange buttons…change it! You can easily remove the rounded radius to be a corner and change the orange color to a blue, yellow or any color that you wish to define your branding.