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Page Load Speed Matters

Many store owners are simply not aware that site not only needs to look great and have the right messaging, but it ALSO needs to load fast. Why? because the person they trusted to be their tech person doesn’t know either…because its a very technical issue. However simply “hoping” it doesn’t matter is a bad idea and will have consequences: not only effects the customer experience, but as of 2018 it also effects how high you rank on Google and Google Maps. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there giving bad advice, but we are here to help show you why it matters and how we do something about it.


Why we load faster than others

There are many website “builders” out there and it is very possible to make beautiful websites with these other platforms. Many business owners and non-technical consultants put their trust in these big platforms with the assumption that they can trust the results.  Unfortunately…that’s foolish. Ignorance wont help speed up your site, but we will. 

How to know if you site is fast! Trust numbers...not hope.

There many tools to check,  here are our tools we use to see if a site was built right, or if they are needing our help:

1. GT Metrix https://GTmetrix.com

GT Metrix does a great job for an easy to understand speed test and can quickly show some problem spots. It also conveniently shows some of the most important things to worry about: PageSpeed Score, Number of requests, Load Time, Load Size.

2. Google Page Speed Insights

This is our second stop when reviewing a site, it gives you the proprietary score that google is judging your speed by along with some very technical information as to why they gave you your score and where to improve. This score is using the most current algorithm from Google.

How we make sites faster

Experience and testing. We have been doing this for YEARS. Some of the areas we work on are DNS settings, image compression, sizing, caching with our own proprietary methods on a platform we have tweaked and trust. 

We can take your current live site, and rebuild it on our platform to keep the same look set up by your designer. Additionally, our visual editor is pretty slick and easy to work with, so future edits are changes can be made by you or your designer with our visual builder.

Next Steps and Cost

Our starter package includes 3 hrs of design time and DNS set up. If you already have live site that you want replicated and our system, many times we accomplish at that price point or for slightly more.

So please…test your site, be aware of the speed issue. And if it is not getting an A, lets rebuild it on StoreGear by true pros. Just coming up one position higher on Google translates to more click throughs and possible business.

How Website Building with StoreGear Works


A quick step by step example of building your site.

When building your website with the StoreGear platform, you begin with 2 options: have us build your site for you from the very beginning OR start immediately on your own with our powerful / user friendly Visual Builder having us help refine it along the way. Depending on your level of technical comfort, if choose the path of doing the site on your own you can start from from a blank slate or choose from more than 100 starting points built into the friendly high performance visual builder. Because the Visual Builder Starting Points are flexible and can be changed into anything, the Starting Points are a great way to jump start your ideas and get to the end result quickly and professionally.

Choose a Starting Point

To get your ideas moving quickly, choose a starting point that has all the pages fully laid out ready for you to put in your own text and images. Choose the starting point based on it aligning closely with your service/business, or because you like the ascetics of the layout starting point. At any point after signing up, you can load in any of the layouts you see during sign up.

Step 2

Activate Visual Builder

After signing up you can immediate enter the visual builder. The first time you enter visual builder mode, you will be presented with an interactive 5 min tutorial on using the visual builder to make sure you are comfortable.

Note: If this is beyond the level of involvement you want with the design or technical set up, we are already ready to set up a consulting session and take over.

Step 3

Add Your Images

Our starting points have some great stock photography images (which you are free to use) however you may want to drop in some of your own. Luckily with the visual builder this is easy to do. And not only are things easy to add, our system automatically adjusts the compression of your images and puts it on our content delivery network (CDN) meaning your images load super fast!

Step 4

Add & Edit Text

The starting points not only look beautiful, but can also act as inspiration for how to organize your content with starting point text. Then you can simply edit the text on the screen or in the settings area. With wordprocessor formatting tools, you can comfortably make changes and see what it will look like in real time.

Step 5

Design & Customize

You can style every almost aspect of your site's fonts (whole google fonts library integrated), colors, buttons, hover styling, set responsive mobile styling, custom css, and tons of other advanced design settings all accessible within the visual builder.

Step 6

Design Review

We didn't just go to a "bootcamp" and call ourselves web-designers...we have 20+ years of website design experience...and we are going to unload it on you during your design review to help ensure your messaging, your load speed and the ascetics are ready for a successful launch.

That's the StoreGear advantage.

Why Use StoreGear

Not only is our Visual Builder simple and easy to use, the results and are measurably better.

Saves Time

We have tried to optimize the process of getting your idea from start to launch. Weather that path is DIY, or working with our consulting design services. If you follow our steps, your outcome will be a better website made more efficiently and quickly than any other option out there.

Mobile Friendly

People will be viewing your website on multiple devices, computers, macs, pc's, safari, chrome, phones...its important to be ready for all of your audiences. Test another demo site or your site on mobile, does it still look cool? 50% or more web traffic comes through mobile, be prepared.

FastER Websites

In addition to looking pretty, speed matters. It effects how your customers perceive you, AND it effects how high your website shows up in organic rankings. When somebody "Googles" you, its best to give yourself every opportunity to be ranked higher.


Consulting Services Improve Results

Having a high performing website is the first step. However sometimes having an experienced consulting (repeat: EXPERIENCED) can help you teach you about things that need to be done that you weren't even aware of so you can take your business to the next level. Here are a few of the areas we have experience and specialize in.

Brand Design & Strategy

Our design partner, Santa Monica.Design can take you through the design process to help re-craft your identity and tell the right story of your brand.

Social Media Management

We can train you with tips and tricks to educate you on the process of Social Media Management as well as be hired to do it for you.

Audience Analytics

Its important to understand who your audience is in order to present the right messaging. We can help analyze and define your market.

Website Development

We're 100% website professionals (Not just using CMS). We code the CMS plugins, we know what need to be done and look and perform professionally.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the culmination of understanding your audience, and using the right technology to find the right partners.

Digital Coaching

We can offer you a primer on how to digitize your business and give a general overview of terms if you are feeling lost.

Team Training

We can come on site and train your technical and non-technical staff on how to use our platform to design and make updates to content

E-mail Marketing

We full integrate MailChimp, Sendgrid and 20 other providers with our opt-in mail form so people stay on your site

Builder Pricing + Consulting Pricing

How StoreGear Pricing Works

The process and pricing of building your website with StoreGear is a combination of two areas: 1) a high performance visual builder/hosting/CDN and 2) StoreGear consulting services ensuring the end result is built properly. The pricing of both of these services is independent and can change depending on the project, what your experience may be, and the range of how much time you want to dedicate to building your site vs having us doing completely for you. Here's the bread down:

Pricing Part 1 of 2: Builder/Hosting

Work Smarter with StoreGear: Builder Pricing

All the power of a high performance agency class visual builder + agency consulting services vertically integrated are what make StoreGear truly special. Our 100+ Starting Point themes can help jump start you from idea to finish, while being rest assured that your site is built professionally. In addition to being easy to use, and customizable, we are constantly updating plugins and software behind the scenes for performance to keep your sites loading measurably faster on average then other builders.

Pricing Part 2 of 2: Consulting Services

Coaching and Consulting Pricing

Simply building a website isn't always enough, you need to know how to build/use it effectively, you need to know how to get your audience to your site, and you need to design your site so that it effectively achieves the goals you want. StoreGear Consulting helps you fill the gaps with our expertise so that your website can be a more effective. You might already be a marketing/branding/design pro and need zero consulting, or you might need us to do your site from start to finish, or perhaps a mix of the two. Whatever your needs, our consulting workflow is designed to match your technical/marketing needs ensuring the best results at a fair price.

How to Compare

Knowing what to compare when choosing a platform.

Before builders and subscription services, you could simply build your own website and pay for a monthly host. However doing so meant you had to keep track of the technical issues associated with browser and technology changes, as well as security. People that didn't do that found their sites hacked, receiving a lower page rank, and their sites not being mobile friendly or just not even loading. As a result, StoreGear came around and let people pay a monthly fee where all of this was taken care of so that the customer could focus more on content and their business.

Today there are now many competing builder platforms to StoreGear, but few that can compete that combine a world class platform with professional agency design and marketing consulting. When comparing a "platform" The $100,000,000 marketing budgets of Square Space, Wix, Shopify all create a lot of noise to control the narative to make you think they are "best", but what should define the "best" to you?

Here are some things to consider and prioritize when making your site:


How Fast Does It Load
Compare the websites that are created using our StoreGear platform and see for yourself which website loads faster, (You can test using : https://gtmetrix.com or https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/) Check their results, it’s definitive. Your pager speed rating affects your Google Ranking, aka how high you come up on the list when people search for you, as well as their other services, Google Maps (important for physical Stores/Restaurants) and their future services such as A.I. Assistants.
How will you get Expert Advice?
Finding the right experts is though. There are many people claiming work they never did, showing work that really isn’t that good or effective when tested, or even people claiming to be an expert (and actually believing they are) simply because they went to a 3 month “bootcamp” or because they know the basics of loading in a theme on a builder.
Yikes! In reality, a real expert understands color theory, layout design, branding, key work strategy, e-mail marketing, landing pages, image sizing editing, and most importantly has live examples that you can put into gtmetrix.com to independently test.

So do your research, research the work and their experience.

Does it have the features that matter?
Some people get “tricked” into the idea by one platform having “30% more features” than another platform means something. Others will make claims about how their “Marketplace” is larger than another marketplace. Reality check: the largest marketplace of plugins is WordPress… perhaps by 5x. But even that doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is what will help you create the fastest site, is easiest to update, easiest to customize the design, and can you customize the SEO factors. Be careful of the companies that make irrelevant claims that will have no measurable effect on your business. Other companies offer lots of “bells” and “whistles”…that have no bearing on the success. They will tell you they do and for some people they might… but define how they benefit you.

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