Choose one of our professional store themes, then customize it.

Using a StoreGear theme gives you a great starting point to how your site can look.

While there are many themes out there, you just need one you like to make a site you love! Sweet

Need a web designer? We do that.

If you want to customize your store website design further, we are here to help and available for hire at a reasonable price.

We have literally worked with hundreds of clients, both large and small. We will quickly know if we can do the work and won’t waste your time if we can’t.

Customize the look of your store website

Every theme comes with its own settings so you can quickly and easily create a customized website.

Our brand-new Theme Settings editor lets you preview your store website as you’re making changes to it.

Put up your pictures and video in minutes

StoreGear includes everything you need to set up and design your store website.

It’s quick and easy to choose a theme, add your products, and begin uploading pictures and content.

A complete blogging platform

StoreGear includes a full blogging platform to help you get build your audience.

Publicize and categorize articles, encourage discussion, and moderate comments on your StoreGear blog.

A fully-featured website CMS

With complete control over your website’s navigation, content pages and design, StoreGear is a fully-featured Content Management System.

Hosting your entire store website on StoreGear is easy and hassle-free.

Unlimited bandwidth

We’ll never charge you for traffic because success shouldn’t hurt.

99.94% uptime

We work hard around the clock to make sure your store website is always online.

Hassle-free set up

Your site is created in seconds of sign-up, and upgrades are always instant.

your domain

Your own domain name.

StoreGear makes it easy to create and register a domain name for your store website. You can buy a new domain through StoreGear, use an existing domain, or use your free

Really fast servers

Not all “cloud” is created equal. Our servers use SSD hard drives…making things super speedy compared to traditional hard drives.

Fast SSD Hard Drives

Search engine optimization

Your potential audience must be able to find your business website using search engines. That’s why StoreGear supports SEO best practices like H1, title and meta tags.

Social network integration

All StoreGear themes include social network integration, allowing your audience to spread you to the world.

Targeted email marketing

Your audience is encouraged to sign up for updates from your store or business website. Tightly integrated with MailChimp, StoreGear gives you numerous email newsletter options.

Google Stats Integration

Advanced website statistics.

StoreGear integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to keep track of your sales and progress over time.

Benchmarking your store website’s performance helps you make great choices for your career, leading to more and more jobs!

We love creating happy customers

We see a lot of ourselves in you, because we are you: entrepreneurs.

So when you need help, we aren’t just thinking about how to help you use a website, we’re also thinking about how your career can get the most out of the website.

Discussion forums

Get involved in our community discussion forums and take part in discussions on everything from marketing strategies, how to choose a payment gateway, accounting tricks and more.

StoreGear guides

Here you’ll find tutorials to help you manage every aspect of your store website. Go to StoreGear Guides whenever you have a question, problem, or you want to learn how to add something new to your site.

Knowledge base

Amongst our many resources, the StoreGear Knowledge Base contains frequently asked questions and step-by-step answers.

stress saver

Put your store website in your audience’s hands

With the bulk of web traffic rapidly coming from mobile, if your website is not optimized on mobile, you are missing out on the majority of todays web traffic.

When you create your website with StoreGear, you can make sure that your website looks great on mobile, and has an easy mobile experience to help convert the traffic into contacts.

Beautiful, responsive mobile themes

With more and more shopping being done on mobile devices, it’s important to have an store website that looks just as great on a smart phone as it does on a computer monitor.